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ARtist Consulting

Receive all the necessary tools and guidance to get your career to the next level. Explore areas such as recording, songwriting, social media, grants, branding,

touring, radio, publicity, endorsements and much more!

Social Marketing/Publicity

Build a PR campaign tailored to you! We will ease the day-to-day social media grind and develop a marketing plan with a concise timeline to help you reach your short and long-term career goals.

Start playing the right shows, at the right venues, with the right people. Our experienced staff is here to organize every aspect of the concert industry. Keep your bookings trusted in our hands.

Concert Promotion/Booking


Creative Matters can distribute your music online and facilitate physical manufacturing. Get your record on all major platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more!



A branding expert works with you to develop a style and tone for your online presence. A photographer works closely to capture your image. A graphic designer brings the vision to life with memorable merchandise and media.

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Creative Matters started this company with the same passion and determination that artists have. We have great respect for the due process between the spark of an idea and the public release. We offer a suite of audio and video services that help guide this process from ignition to fruition.


With our own production facility and access to renowned studios in the GTA, we offer recording services of the highest quality. Recording a variety of solo artists and bands alike, we choose an expert facility that caters to the project.

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 Make your songs compete with the biggest radio hits!

With pricing breakdowns to accommodate every budget, let us get your record ready for the spotlight in our professional facility.


Remote Recording

Whether it is recording your next live show, or recording a music video in the middle of a forest, Creative Matters mobile recording Rig is guaranteed to give you studio quality audio, anywhere and anytime.

Live Sound

Whether you’re performing a small acoustic show or a large scale event, we have the gear and crew to ensure the show goes off without a hitch.

We handle the dirty work so the artist can focus on the performance.  On top of this, we can provide a multi-track recording of the performance.


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